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it - got up and kissed him on both cheeks, held her head back, looked again then gave elephanttube him a good wet lips.... "A good start.... " I thought. Thornton had elephanttube brought Choccie... "I think it's pretty cute, but I did not need for you.... " It melted. Introductions were, elephanttube so I started to pour drinks. "I need more ice... You just relax and meet others... " I said, so that for the kitchen. I was always excited about their " know you" stage and entertain in the kitchen for more than 10 minutes. When I returned, they were nice kiss on the elephanttube couch, the first signs of exploratoryunbuttoned blouse ion belt visible and Gina Noko ' pants... seemed too busy to notice my return, so I decided on the chair with my wine, watching the events. was like being a porn video well done - piece by piece of clothing came from.... Gina is higher, and then unzipped her skirt and slowly put one leg since then... Nikos Shirt ' unbuttoned and flung it on the back... Gina leaned over and kissed and licked her breasts and nipples... His hand moved outside of her thighs with stockings disappeared in red panties... sent his left hand without cutting her bra, pulled the strap over his shoulder after the right-hand drop their underwear began to mold her breasts, small nipples now hard and pink ( I had never seen it!). Then he stood up to allow Gina to drop his pants and underwear.... a scream as the cock than the first time.. hard, long, not too thick, I saw a fine old Tha said cicumcisedt be pushed everywhere..... must have 20 minutes of mutual contact, sucking, licking between the two. During this time I retired, my own button now very difficult to observe the two lovers love each other. ' House ? "I suggested, as she left them both to have a drink. The two seemed surprised by my unbridled nudity, but then I went to the bedroom. The freedom of our king-size bed n removes the last narrowing to demonstrate their love, and soon had ( Gina loves ) through exploration of different positions, including 69 and, finally, the moment of truth... Nikos was lying in bed and Gina are based on it.... moved with his cock, working around her pussy lips eas
Quotes ing wet before slowly in Gina did the rest - almost nailed to settle itself in its rigid penis, inch by inch was in his disappearance.... the effect is already there, panting with pleasure, and then moans of passion, how to mount it, then slowly started faster than it reaches its first orgasm. Nikos had lost control, went mercilessly Gina had no chance to hold (even if you wanted !) And be discharged with a series noisesd strong sperm in young animals inside. However, he continued, got another strong orgasm before the cock of her elephanttube pussy... She tried to replace, and then realized he had lost his strength.. Nikos was kissing her breasts, when I moved in and took over.... hot, wet, slippery, my strong little 5-inch model soon his hitting from behind, then I moved on all fours. I have to go within 3 minutes, my own adherence to the considerable Nikos offers. I stayed as long as I could, but when I fell in love limp -Box Gina Nikos was back, having to re- erection viusly masturbated before disappearing into the crack, a second time. She was sentenced as sustainable and visual, which broke a promise and the vidicam the shooting of 15 minutes, which were awarded tothan rabbits, the change of position from time to time, until Gina again in the top Noikos kneading her tits as big hot desserts, above a very noisy mutual climax two about exhausted and breathless, followed in the bed elephanttube in juice, love the color of the bottom sheet. Even while I was there, a bit thin last bit of sauce ran the tip of elephanttube his cock while pussy Gina softening was leaking all kinds of love - Juice, a part of me for years before I was offered cool drinks. We Nikos offered the use of the bathroom, during elephanttube which I kissed and hugged.... Gina " That was elephanttube heaven.... Thank you, dear... ! days later than the next time I saw Nikos initially avoid eye contact, but when I thanked her for such a good lover, and Gina makes a woman happy, then lit thank me.... " I've never seen before sex so good.... when Gina wants to fuck her again.... ? Now, let's see. Oh, yes, Nikos..... 20 weeks following a elephanttube birthday surprise, perhaps?


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Gina and I have 8 years and she 47, I 50, and during that time had never really discussed sex before or outside marriage. Then, in conversation one day, Gina realized that three of his friends who met regularly to all the men were linked together, and enjoyed all the difference in age. Then I asked if you prefer a newer model - " Of course not, darling, I love it.. a mature man," she said, but I detected a kind of melancholy. "Always been a younger man ? " I asked. The question we put on the spot a little, but replied: "Yes, provided they do not cross all the jealousy.... and yes, before I met you I had an affair with a young man in his car irregular ... but it was the most satisfying experience... we had an anxiety hair elephanttube and two weeks seem to be my next period... young people never think about it! " Gina assured elephanttube me that does not cross, and certainly not is jealous, then Blockbuster, asseemed to be on a roll - " Are you pleased with a nice young again... I would be with you, to see fair play ", "No I just suggested that" ! But there was anger in his response, but almost a mischievous smile, she tried to hide. "Well, only a little fun, the experience of the old days, and a young man very happy," he added. After allegations of a dirty old git what the woman even to libertinism, etc. , all lightly reprimand, finally responded, "Well, man, I'm a decent - and I mean decent - young feller, and we'll see..... ' Nikos was the Greek-Cypriot origin, who worked at the store I visited on a business trip, he was always friendly, and the pallet stacks were a day showed a very nice body above the waist . Was he playing? I explained that I wanted to love women, to experience what a handsome young man of his youth, and that he, Nikos, please, it seems a lot. After allegations of teasing, etc. with laughter, I managed to convince him, what they really want some sex, and if you do not mind this as a husband I care, it was one of the list. on Tuesday night, just after 7pm... Nikos arrived, very well maintained and sufficient masculine scent with a lady, please... Gina was fully clothed, sitting in the classroom... his face was a picture when I presented